How To Know You Are Lactose Intolerant? - Chicago, IL

Monday, 29 June 2020
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Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Many people find it difficult to digest and therefore they became lactose intolerant. Such individuals find it very difficult to digest lactose found in milk. They suffer from health issues like diarrhea, bloating, and gas after consuming milk and other dairy products.
Lactose intolerance is also known as lactose malabsorption and it is a harmless condition. However, people suffering from this issue often find it difficult to consume any meal prepared from milk or dairy products. It is an uncomfortable situation for any person.
Signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance:
You can avoid embarrassing situations at home and outside if you know you are lactose intolerant. Focus on the following signs after consuming dairy products.
•Bloating and stomach pain:
Bloating and stomach pain are two common symptoms of lactose intolerance. It becomes very difficult to break down lactose for the body before it reaches the colon. Human body cells cannot absorb lactose, but they can be fermented.
That fermentation causes a short release of fatty acid due to which gases build up and cause trouble. You should not consume dairy products if you experience this symptom.
People often experience diarrhea after consuming dairy products. This health condition occurs because of the increased amount of water in the colon after consuming lactose.
•Gas problem:
As mentioned earlier, your body starts fermenting lactose instead of digesting it. That fermentation process releases gases like methane and hydrogen. It is not harmful but quite uncomfortable.
Methane gas produced due to undigested lactose is believed to slow down food’s movement in the gut. That causes constipation and thus it is a major symptom.
Keep sharp eyes on the mentioned health issues if you experience any or all of them after consuming milk. Thus, you will learn whether you are lactose intolerant or not.

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